MOCPages Backup

This is a backup of my homepage on,
the home of my brick models for many years.

I was working on a backup of my MOCpages creations, when the site went down forever in June 2020. I was able to save the main pages, but most of the “Best of the Rest” has been deleted with MOCpages. I’ve kept the dead links as a memorial and will try to restore them from web archives.

NILSOBRIX – Mostly Studless …

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Hi there,

I’m Nils, an AFOL (born in 1973) from Lower Saxony, Germany.

I have been a LEGO fan since I started playing with my first DUPLO sets in the mid 1970s.

On MOCpages since: August 31, 2011
Profession: Automotive Engineer
All time favourite themes: Tiny Turbos, (classic) Space, (classic) Technic, Star Wars
All time favourite sets: 928 Galaxy Explorer, 853 Auto Chassis, 8845 Dune Buggy
Dark ages: Rather short, more or less from 1996 to 1999

My favourite theme are 4-wide cars based on (more or less) real models. I could build my models without studs, but I usually “keep” a few to show that this is Lego. So my models are – like a certain Mr. Adams would have called them – mostly studless ;-))

You can find some of my MOCs on Flickr, too.

Enough words, this is my Lego stuff…
Have bricking fun!

These are my (own) favourites, so far:

4-Wide Cars …
DMC 4w Hover Tumbler Countach (Bottle) T1 Camper
1992 Batmobile Porsche 959 LP 400 T1 Renntransporter
Porsche 911 V1.2/1.3 F40 Veyron Cobra
365 Daytona Spyder 2002 turbo 1989 Batmobile 007 Esprit
… and More
6w SC Audi TT 6w SC Barricade 6w SC Bumblebee MF Quadski
LL926 Space Crane CS Transportable Base CS Alienator CS Limeuron Exploration Rover
3D NILS-O-BRIX Magic Folding Cube Black/White Checkered Soma Cube Japanese 3D Puzzle
10220 VW Camper Mod: Steering 8845 Dune Buggy (Studless) Lighthouse (Bottle) Presentation Platform

Hall of Fame: Blogged by one of the “Big 3” / MOCpages MOTD

CS Surface Explorer
T1 Renntransporter
Sport quattro S1
Porsche 959
Countach (Bottle)
8845 Reloaded


Started Groups

Vic Viper Owners Club
Vic Viper
Owners Club
LDD Creator sets
LDD Creator Sets
– Inventory Files

Best of the Rest – A Collage

SCU Carrier
LL926 Space Crane CS Transportable Base 21303 Wall-E (PF RC) CS Rover LL924M Space Cruiser Micro Explorers: 928 LDD X-VVing 15 Pts. NCS Rover
World Champ 365 Daytona Updated 4w II Image Container
6w MF 8845
Micro Colonial VV