CStronauts 2020

More colours! :-))

I was inspired by Pat-Ard and his picture, so I just had to take one with my bunch of CStronauts. It’s great to see new colours coming and I’m still thrilled by the new retro helmet mold from the Lego Movie 2 set “Benny’s Space Squad” (70841).

The first five of the guys in basic “Mondrian” Lego colours are original CS minifigs. The green one is from the Ideas “Exo Suit” set (21109), modified with a classic head and without a helmet visor. The grey one is a combination of the CMF “Rocket Boy” and light bluish grey parts combined with classic light grey helmet and air tank. The pink one is “Lenny” from “Benny’s Space Squad” and the orange one came with DK’s “Visual History” book.

So let’s wait and see which colour will be next… Lime would be awesome! :-))

Here they are with some of their classic and newer space colleagues. I have to get another box… ;-))

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