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CS Pocket Money Contest: 892 Surface Explorer

My entry for the Classic Space Pocket Money Contest: The 892 Surface Explorer, a surface scooter carrying a little rover for further exploration.
First of all, thanks to the Davids for the idea and the realization of The Classic Space Pocket Money Contest. When I first saw the invitation I thought that it was just like made for me :-))

I knew that I wanted to do something like the 6890 Cosmic Cruiser but with the original 1979 look. And it had to carry a rover, not a scooter. When I came home that day I immediately started the design process. This is the result:

The 892 Surface Explorer

Here you can see the rover. It glides with its mudguards on some tiles in the rear of the scooter. It is fixed on its rear end to the scooter with a single 1×2 tile.

Once the driver has taken his seat, the rover can be detached by moving the 1×2 tile.

And there it goes.

Meanwhile the other spaceman can work on the computer…

…or fix something.

He can also take his seat again…

… and go for a spin.


…and back again.

Moving the rover back into its position.

There it is…

And fixed again.

You can count the parts if you want:

There should be 86. LDD counts 102 parts including 5 for each of the 2 sets of newer wheels (instead of 1) and 5 for each of the 2 spacemen (instead of 1). All of the parts should have been available in 1979. In fact, many of them are from 1979 ;-))

And now for the alternative models…
Each of the alternative models uses all of the 86 parts!

Alternative model #1:

A 2 seated scooter (similar to 442/891), a rover (similar to the one in set 483/920) and a little rocket launch pad.

3 – 2 – 1 – Ignition! – Lift off!

Let’s see what’s that over there…

Alternative model #2:
A small scooter (similar to 885), a little pick-up truck and a radio relay station.

A spaceman can go for further exploration with the truck…

…or with the scooter.

Alternative model #3:
A big 2 seated scooter and a mini rover.

Let’s see how fast this thing can go!

Any similarities in shape to certain Corellian freighters are pure coincidence ;-))

So this is my entry for the Classic Space Pocket Money Contest, the LEGO 892 Surface Explorer. I hope you like it :-))

Bonus feature #1: The LDD file with all 4 models

Feel free to download it and build your own one :-))

Bonus feature #2: Just playing around – Some more ideas for alternative models