MOCpages Backup: Batmobile Tumbler V1.2 (4-Wide)

A MOCpages backup

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Added January 13, 2013

Batmobile Tumbler V1.2 (4-Wide)

An update for my 4-wide tumbler with a new front, new flaps on the rear end and a camouflage version.

After some other projects now it’s time for a 4-wide, again. I already finished an intermediate version in MOCtober but then I was busy with NnoVVember, the CS Pocket Money Contest and some more models that had been waiting to be posted…

Well here it is, Version 1.2 of my 4-wide Tumbler, and
This time I made a camouflage version, too :-))

It was very hard to find all the needed parts in tan or reddish brown. I made seven (!) BrickLink orders until I had all of the parts I needed. The most difficult parts to get were the tan side panels. I could have bought a small LEGO set for the money I paid for these. But they look so cool! ;-))

Some changes on the front: The Tumbler now has the double front windows and the “nose” section looking a lot more like the original. I had the idea to use the large tile from Chris Rogers’ Tumbler. His Tumbler is bigger, but the look is very similar.

And a little change on the rear end: The hinge plates I used for the 1×2 flaps on the previous versions didn’t exist in tan or brown, so I looked for a new way to build them. The new ones are even more flexible, they now can tilt and turn a few degrees.

Side view: Mainly the changes on the front stand out.

The camouflage version only, it’s the model from “Batman Begins”:

“Does it come in black?” – Of course, it does! ;-))

This is V1.2 of my 4-wide Lego Tumbler Batmobile.
I hope you like it :-))

MOCpages Backup: Lighthouse in a Bottle

A MOCpages backup

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Added January 1, 2013

Lighthouse in a Bottle

A microscale version of the German lighthouse “Westerheversand” built in a bottle.

I definitely left my comfort zone for this one. My Dad is a lighthouse fan and travels a lot to take photos of these unique buildings. For his birthday my mother had the idea to build a LEGO lighthouse in a bottle just like I had done with my Lamborghini Countach.

I picked the lighthouse “Westerheversand” because it is one of the most beautiful and famous German lighthouses and one of my dad’s favourites.

Microscale buildings are far away from my comfort zone. Considering that, the design process was a lot a fun. Just like for the Countach I built modules small enough to go through the bottleneck and then mounted them inside. These are the modules:

The most difficult part was to find a bottle in which I could build the model. It had to have an almost square shape in the front view and a big bottleneck for the Technic “belt wheel” I used for two platforms. A Whiskey bottle had the right size for the lighthouse but the opening of the bottleneck was smaller than it looked from the outside.

So I had to cut off a part of the bottleneck to get a bigger opening:

The opening now is just big enough for this wheel:

And this is the result:

Another front view, now with some daylight:

And a rear view:

This is my micro scale LEGO lighthouse “Westerheversand” built in a bottle.
I hope you like it :-))

Oh, I almost forgot this:
A Happy New Year to all of you :-))