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Audi TT MkI (6-Wide SC Minifig Scale)


A 6-wide Speed Champions model of my Audi TT MkI (8N)

The 75873 Audi R8 LMS Ultra was the first Speed Champions Set that I bought for my son (OK, I bought it for me, too, to get some of the new parts). Stickers on Lego Models (as well as on any other thing in our home) don’t last very long because of the special attention my son gives to them (1. pull off, 2. put on again, 3. go to 1.), so I have to replace them on all Lego models, especially the head and tail lights. I don’t really like them, so that’s no big deal.

In case of the R8 it led to additional inspiration. When I modified the front and rear end of the R8 I came to a version that looked more and more like a TT. So after building the R8 I was eager to build a TT. Of course, it had to be blue, just like the one I still have parked in the garage. So I bought a set of the 75871 Ford Mustang and modified the design of the R8 until it looked like a TT.

This is the result:img_0549
Finally, a matching ride for BrixoNils :-))

Side View:
img_0550I decided to put on the spoiler, because the real one does have it, too. It doesn’t look too bad and it’s not wise to go at more than 200 kph on a German Autobahn without it…

Side/rear view:img_0551
Only one exhaust pipe for the FWD version (the quattro models have two).

So this is my 6-wide Lego Speed Champions Audi TT MkI (8N). I hope you like it :-))

“Barricade” ’05 Police Mustang (6-Wide SC Minifig Scale)


A pair of 6-wide ’05 Saleen Ford Mustangs – a “Speed Champion” and a “Legoformer”.

When I started working on my 6-wide Bumblebee I already had a Barricade in mind for the next model. I’m not really a fan of the Michael Bay movies, but I really like the vehicles he used in his films, especially Bumblebee, Barricade and Optimus.

Just like I had done with Bumblebee I first built a “Speed Champion” for my little son. There is no SC model with four of the new mudguards in black, yet. So I had to use parts from four sets to build two Barricades. My son already had an Audi R8 LMS, so I bought three more Audis at a local toy store. The rather new parts are still quite expensive at BL, so this was the most efficient way to get the parts.

I first built both models in LDD and then rebuilt them with plastic bricks. This is the result:


SC model (left) and Legoformer (right)


Some pictures of the SC model:


Side view



3/4 rear view



3/4 front view


And now the Legoformer:


(Add transforming sound here…)








Barricade ready for action.


“Oh, no, I think I know this one…”



“I hate Autobots!”



The rivals



So, this is my 6-wide “Speed Champions” ’05 Saleen Police Ford Mustang “Barricade” Legoformer. I hope you like it :-))

Bonus picture#1:


Decepticon Customs presents: The “Ford Mustang Ultra Wide Body”

Bonus picture #2:


The SCLF – Speed Champions Legoformers

Bonus picture #3:
(Add transforming sound here…)

“Bumblebee” Camaro (6-Wide SC Minifig Scale)


A pair of  Camaros in “Bumblebee” design, based on the Speed Champions model. – Autobots, Roll Out…

My little son is a big fan of the “Speed Champions” cars and also of the “Bumblebee” Camaro. So I started building a yellow Camaro based on the parts from a 75870 Corvette and the design of the red Camaro from set 75874.

As I’m not a fan of stickers on my models I had to find a new design for the head- and taillights. Once started I reworked the whole design of the Camaro here and there to make it look more like the Bumblebee model from “Revenge of the Fallen”.
img_0506 img_0507 img_0509

After building one for my son, I wanted one for myself, too. So I bought another Corvette and built a second one ;-))
This is the result:
img_0512 img_0513

Almost equal twins, but if you take a look closer look, …
img_0515 img_0516 img_0517 img_0518 img_0519 img_0520 img_0521 img_0523

Autobots, Roll Out! :-))

You saw that coming, didn’t you? ;-))

My top design priority for the robot was a mostly unchanged look in car mode. I especially wanted to use the SC wheelhouses and wheels, which occupy a rather big space of the model (especially compared to “Deluxe” figures of the movie Bumblebee). So there wasn’t much space left between outer shell and wheels for the folding mechanism.


I’m  really satisfied with the look of the robot, even if it looks a little like a “Hulkbuster” ;-))


The folding mechanism was first based on the smaller “Movie Legend” figures and then became a little more complex during the design process. I also tried to include a folding mechanism for the rear roof section similar to the “Deluxe” figures, but it was too fragile. So I left the roof in it’s place and used it as a “turtle shell” for the back of the robot.


So this is my transformable LEGO “Bumblebee” Camaro in “Speed Champions” scale and look.
I hope you like it :-))

Bonus picture #1:
img_0502_ff_transformation(Add transforming sound here…)

Bonus picture #2:MOCpages_2016-06-30_Seite1_Bumblebee_Across_MP
June 30, 2016: My first MOC in the TOP4 of “Across MOCpages” 🙂