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Added October 13, 2012

DeLorean DMC-12 (4-Wide)

After 3 different 4- or 5-wide versions of the DeLorean DMC-12 as the “Back to the Future” time machine it was time for the real model…

I was thinking about an American car for Dan the Man’s 11th Car Contest so I flipped through the pictures of my models. Then I saw my latest 4-wide DeLorean time machine from “Back to the Future” and I knew: “That’s it, I’ll modify this one to get the original DMC-12…”.

So I started to build it with LDD until I was satisfied. A few days later I took the time machine and started to modify it until I got the original DMC-12 look.

But I still had to get the OK to add it to the “American Cars Contest”. Why? The car has been developed by Lotus and built in Northern Ireland, so it may be considered to be a British car. But the headquarters of DeLorean were in Detroit and John DeLorean was from Detroit, too. So Dan accepted the car for the contest – Thanks for that, Dan :-))

Enough words, this is the result:

Rear right view, doors open: Of course, I kept the gullwing doors as they were one of the main design elements of the car.

Doors closed: I wanted to include the rear side windows, as they are one of the main differences between the original DMC-12 and the BTTF version. Some studs less in this section would be cooler, but neither the hinge part mounted upside down nor a 1×3 tile did have the right angle.

Left front view, doors closed: I tried black parts for the front bumper, too, but it didn’t look good without any contrast between the front grill and the bumper. Dark grey for one of the elements didn’t look cool, either, so I kept the light grey bumper.

Left side view: I like the look of the rear side windows.

A look inside: A dark grey interior with center console plus a black cockpit.

So this is my 4-wide LEGO version of the iconic DeLorean DMC-12. I hope you like it :-))

P.S.: OK, with all pictures taken for MOCpages, these parts are needed by Doc Brown to rebuild his time machine ;-))

Ready to go Back to the Future

Update September 14, 2016:

Surprise, surprise… My first MOTD! :-))

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