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MOCpages Backup: Shelby Cobra 427 V2.1/V2.2 (4-Wide)

A MOCpages Backup

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Added February 9, 2013

Two more updates for my 4-wide Ford AC Cobra 427: SNOT Stripes and a new rear end.

When I first saw these SNOT stripes on Starscream Soundwave’s 4-wide Viper I knew I had to make some of these for my Cobra, too. The original design of the stripes on a 4-wide is most probably from J K’s Zonda and there are some cool instructions made by Loek Marcus how to attach them to a 4-wide. But I had no idea how to put them into my Cobra without messing up the design.

One day I took my notebook on a larger train tour and had a few hours to work on this problem with LDD. I finally found a way to attach the stripes in the front without changing the overall look of the car. And then I had the idea to use slider plates to create an air scoop on top the hood including the stripes.

This is the result:
Yes, I really …

… love …

… these stripes :-))

And this is how they are done.

The rest of the design didn’t change.

So this is V2.1 of my 4-wide LEGO Shelby Ford AC Cobra 427, now with SNOT stripes and air scoop. I hope you like it as much as I do :-))

Bonus photo:
The latest family picture of my 4-wide Cobras.

Update December 9, 2013:
With the new 1x2x2/3 “half bow” parts I had some ideas for new shapes on the Shelby Cobra:
Smooth lines on the hood. The thin black stripe had to go in this version, but the SNOT air scoop is still there.

The new rear end:
The tail lights are “borrowed” from Karsten’s VW Bus.

So curvy…

And another front view:

Evolution of the snake:
V2.0 and V2.2 of my 4-wide Lego Shelby Cobra 427 – I had to use the black V2.1 model for V2.2, but the dark blue V2.0 is still here.

MOCpages Backup: Batmobile Tumbler V1.2 (4-Wide)

A MOCpages backup

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Added January 13, 2013

Batmobile Tumbler V1.2 (4-Wide)

An update for my 4-wide tumbler with a new front, new flaps on the rear end and a camouflage version.

After some other projects now it’s time for a 4-wide, again. I already finished an intermediate version in MOCtober but then I was busy with NnoVVember, the CS Pocket Money Contest and some more models that had been waiting to be posted…

Well here it is, Version 1.2 of my 4-wide Tumbler, and
This time I made a camouflage version, too :-))

It was very hard to find all the needed parts in tan or reddish brown. I made seven (!) BrickLink orders until I had all of the parts I needed. The most difficult parts to get were the tan side panels. I could have bought a small LEGO set for the money I paid for these. But they look so cool! ;-))

Some changes on the front: The Tumbler now has the double front windows and the “nose” section looking a lot more like the original. I had the idea to use the large tile from Chris Rogers’ Tumbler. His Tumbler is bigger, but the look is very similar.

And a little change on the rear end: The hinge plates I used for the 1×2 flaps on the previous versions didn’t exist in tan or brown, so I looked for a new way to build them. The new ones are even more flexible, they now can tilt and turn a few degrees.

Side view: Mainly the changes on the front stand out.

The camouflage version only, it’s the model from “Batman Begins”:

“Does it come in black?” – Of course, it does! ;-))

This is V1.2 of my 4-wide Lego Tumbler Batmobile.
I hope you like it :-))

MOCpages Backup: Lighthouse in a Bottle

A MOCpages backup

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Added January 1, 2013

Lighthouse in a Bottle

A microscale version of the German lighthouse “Westerheversand” built in a bottle.

I definitely left my comfort zone for this one. My Dad is a lighthouse fan and travels a lot to take photos of these unique buildings. For his birthday my mother had the idea to build a LEGO lighthouse in a bottle just like I had done with my Lamborghini Countach.

I picked the lighthouse “Westerheversand” because it is one of the most beautiful and famous German lighthouses and one of my dad’s favourites.

Microscale buildings are far away from my comfort zone. Considering that, the design process was a lot a fun. Just like for the Countach I built modules small enough to go through the bottleneck and then mounted them inside. These are the modules:

The most difficult part was to find a bottle in which I could build the model. It had to have an almost square shape in the front view and a big bottleneck for the Technic “belt wheel” I used for two platforms. A Whiskey bottle had the right size for the lighthouse but the opening of the bottleneck was smaller than it looked from the outside.

So I had to cut off a part of the bottleneck to get a bigger opening:

The opening now is just big enough for this wheel:

And this is the result:

Another front view, now with some daylight:

And a rear view:

This is my micro scale LEGO lighthouse “Westerheversand” built in a bottle.
I hope you like it :-))

Oh, I almost forgot this:
A Happy New Year to all of you :-))

MOCpages Backup: CS Pocket Money Contest: 892 Surface Explorer

A MOCpages backup

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Added December 20, 2012

CS Pocket Money Contest: 892 Surface Explorer

My entry for the Classic Space Pocket Money Contest: The 892 Surface Explorer, a surface scooter carrying a little rover for further exploration.
First of all, thanks to the Davids for the idea and the realization of The Classic Space Pocket Money Contest. When I first saw the invitation I thought that it was just like made for me :-))

I knew that I wanted to do something like the 6890 Cosmic Cruiser but with the original 1979 look. And it had to carry a rover, not a scooter. When I came home that day I immediately started the design process. This is the result:

The 892 Surface Explorer

Here you can see the rover. It glides with its mudguards on some tiles in the rear of the scooter. It is fixed on its rear end to the scooter with a single 1×2 tile.

Once the driver has taken his seat, the rover can be detached by moving the 1×2 tile.

And there it goes.

Meanwhile the other spaceman can work on the computer…

…or fix something.

He can also take his seat again…

… and go for a spin.


…and back again.

Moving the rover back into its position.

There it is…

And fixed again.

You can count the parts if you want:

There should be 86. LDD counts 102 parts including 5 for each of the 2 sets of newer wheels (instead of 1) and 5 for each of the 2 spacemen (instead of 1). All of the parts should have been available in 1979. In fact, many of them are from 1979 ;-))

And now for the alternative models…
Each of the alternative models uses all of the 86 parts!

Alternative model #1:

A 2 seated scooter (similar to 442/891), a rover (similar to the one in set 483/920) and a little rocket launch pad.

3 – 2 – 1 – Ignition! – Lift off!

Let’s see what’s that over there…

Alternative model #2:
A small scooter (similar to 885), a little pick-up truck and a radio relay station.

A spaceman can go for further exploration with the truck…

…or with the scooter.

Alternative model #3:
A big 2 seated scooter and a mini rover.

Let’s see how fast this thing can go!

Any similarities in shape to certain Corellian freighters are pure coincidence ;-))

So this is my entry for the Classic Space Pocket Money Contest, the LEGO 892 Surface Explorer. I hope you like it :-))

Bonus feature #1: The LDD file with all 4 models

Feel free to download it and build your own one :-))

Bonus feature #2: Just playing around – Some more ideas for alternative models

MOCpages Backup: Gibbs Quadski (Minifig Scale)

A MOCpages backup

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Added November 29, 2012

Gibbs Quadski (Minifig Scale)

A minifig scale model of the Quadski, Gibbs’ first High Speed Amphibian vehicle on the market.

MOCtober was busy, but I had to wait until NnoVVember until I got all the parts for some of the models I was building. With all my Vic Vipers posted I’ll continue with the famous words by Monty Python:

“And now for something completely different…”

The High Speed Amphibian (HSA) Technology from Gibbs Technology is definitely one of my favourite automotive developments of the last years. They have been struggling for years to get a product ready for the market.

Now they are close to start production of their first HSA vehicle, the Quadski. Three prototipes of the production version have been presented in October and the first units are expected to hit the road early next year. As an Automotive Engineer I’m really excited to see this happening :-))

LEGO Nils is lucky be the first minifig customer of a Gibbs Quadski:
You can see the fun he’s having with his new toy :-))

Time for a wheelie!

Oh, there is some water, let’s have some more fun!

Now it’s time for some magic:

The wheels can be retracted …

… almost into a horizontal position.

Then the transmission changes from “wheel mode” into “jet mode” and …

… “Wahooo!” – Now it’s a Jet Ski! The math is simple:
Quad (ATV) + Jet Ski = Quadski

Enough fun on the lake, let’s leave the water!

Tilting the wheels back down, …

and there we have the ATV, again.

Back on firm ground!

Time for another wheelie! :-))

A new set of wheels, just for better playability.

The mechanism is the same I used for the hover function on my De Lorean Time Machine.

Yes, it can fly, too! – No, I’m just kidding!
We’ll have to wait some more time for that… ;-))

Time for some data of the real model:
The engine is a 1.3l 16 valve DOHC engine from BMW, the same that is used in the BMW K1300 motor bike. With this engine, the Quadski is capable to reach 45 mph (72 kph) both on land and water. The Quadski only needs 4 seconds to change between both modes.

Unfortunately it won’t be cheap to buy a Quadski. About $40,000 are announced for the first model. The estimated production for 2013 is 1,000 units. It’s rumoured that some people are already modifying their yates to make space for a Quadski ;-))

So this is my minifig scale LEGO Gibbs Quadski. I hope you like it :-))

MOCpages Backup: DeLorean DMC-12 (4-Wide)

A MOCpages backup

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Added October 13, 2012

DeLorean DMC-12 (4-Wide)

After 3 different 4- or 5-wide versions of the DeLorean DMC-12 as the “Back to the Future” time machine it was time for the real model…

I was thinking about an American car for Dan the Man’s 11th Car Contest so I flipped through the pictures of my models. Then I saw my latest 4-wide DeLorean time machine from “Back to the Future” and I knew: “That’s it, I’ll modify this one to get the original DMC-12…”.

So I started to build it with LDD until I was satisfied. A few days later I took the time machine and started to modify it until I got the original DMC-12 look.

But I still had to get the OK to add it to the “American Cars Contest”. Why? The car has been developed by Lotus and built in Northern Ireland, so it may be considered to be a British car. But the headquarters of DeLorean were in Detroit and John DeLorean was from Detroit, too. So Dan accepted the car for the contest – Thanks for that, Dan :-))

Enough words, this is the result:

Rear right view, doors open: Of course, I kept the gullwing doors as they were one of the main design elements of the car.

Doors closed: I wanted to include the rear side windows, as they are one of the main differences between the original DMC-12 and the BTTF version. Some studs less in this section would be cooler, but neither the hinge part mounted upside down nor a 1×3 tile did have the right angle.

Left front view, doors closed: I tried black parts for the front bumper, too, but it didn’t look good without any contrast between the front grill and the bumper. Dark grey for one of the elements didn’t look cool, either, so I kept the light grey bumper.

Left side view: I like the look of the rear side windows.

A look inside: A dark grey interior with center console plus a black cockpit.

So this is my 4-wide LEGO version of the iconic DeLorean DMC-12. I hope you like it :-))

P.S.: OK, with all pictures taken for MOCpages, these parts are needed by Doc Brown to rebuild his time machine ;-))

Ready to go Back to the Future

Update September 14, 2016:

Surprise, surprise… My first MOTD! :-))

MOCpages Backup: DeLorean Time Machine (4-Wide) with Hover Mode

A MOCpages backup

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Added August 29, 2012

DeLorean Time Machine (4-Wide) with Hover Mode

A 4-wide version of the DeLorean time machine with hover mode as seen in the “Back to the Future” movies with Michael J. Fox.

Believe it or not, this one has been around on MOCpages for one month without getting noticed ;-)). Where? On this photo!

This is like a mix between my 4-wide DeLorean with “normal” wheels and my 5-wide one with hover mode. I had thought about a 4-wide with hover mode for a very long time. Then I gave up and built the 5-wide instead. Ironically the solution was quite easy, just a small step away from the 5-wide.

Enough words, here are some photos:
Left front view, doors closed.

Doors open

The interior is just the same as on the first 4-wide. You can see some more photos of it here.

Time for the hover mode:1, …

… 2, …

… 3 – Tadaa!

The “money shot”: This is how it works.

Time for another set of wheels…

I really like these ones!

The car looks cool, but it can’t fly now :-((

This is my 4-wide LEGO DeLorean time machine with hover mode. I hope you like it! :-))

MOCpages Backup: Audi Sport quattro S1 (4-wide)

A MOCpages backup

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Added August 29, 2012

Audi Sport quattro S1 (4-wide)

My 4-wide version of the Group B Rally monster from 1985-1987

It has been a while since I posted my teaser photo for this one, so there was even time for Starscream Soundwave to post his own version in between.

I’ve been working on some details, especially on the back. The first thing I changed was the angle of the back, the 45 deg didn’t look right on the hatchback. Then I had to find a way to include the rear window. I have to say I’m still not 100% satisfied with the rear window, but I really like the rest of the model just how it is right now. So it’s time for some photos:

I started with a plain white model
Left front view: Yeah, that’s what I call a big front wing!

Side view: The hatchback looks a lot better this way.

Left rear view: Black tinted tail lights, four air outlets between them and a big rear wing on the top.

“Bird’s eye” view of the front – Just because it looks cool

As seen on the main picture, I’ve built a version with the typical yellow stripes of the main sponsor (a German tobacco brand), too.

Left side view: I’d like to have some of the original 5-spoke Tiny Turbo wheels in white, they would have the perfect look for this one. But I think these wheels look cool, too, just like taken from a WRC Impreza ;-))

And a little look on the rear end. The rear window is a little small, but I don’t have a better idea for it right now (I’ve tried quite a few, though).

So this is my 4-wide LEGO Audi Sport quattro S1, the Group B Rally monster. I hope you like it! :-))

Update October 1, 2012:
Another set of wheels for gravel roads. These are especially for the Autumn cars 2012 contest ;-))

MOCpages Backup: Bugatti 16.4 Veyron V1.1/V1.2 (4-Wide)

A MOCpages Backup

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Added July 23, 2012

Bugatti 16.4 Veyron V1.1/V1.2 (4-Wide)

A new colour scheme and some new details for my 4-wide Bugatti 16.4 Veyron.

V1.1: A little update for the Veyron. You can see the previous version here.

Side view: I’ve finally had an idea how to get the bigger rims on the Veyron.

Rear right view: Round tiles for the tail lights and a chrome silver tile for the exhaust.

Bird’s eye view: The front grill is now chrome silver instead of metallic silver. The whole front had to be rebuilt for the new wheels with the other set of wheel holders.

The blue/silver (blue/grey) one does still exist.

Family meeting: I haven’t got a 2nd set of the chrome wheels, yet. I think the grey ones look cool, too.

The rear end has been updated on the blue/grey one, too.

Bonus photo: Another bird’s eye view

So this is V1.1 of my 4-wide LEGO Bugatti 16.4 Veyron. I hope you like it :-))

Update October 1, 2012:
Darker windows for the black/blue model: A mix of trans-black and black parts instead of the dark grey ones.

Update May 12, 2014:
V1.2 of the 4-wide Lego Bugatti Veyron – A new front and a new windshield, thanks to the new 1×2 “half bow” parts.

Nothing new on the rear end, but still cool.

Bonus picture: The “secret” of the front end

MOCpages Backup: 1992 Movie Batmobile (4-Wide)

A MOCpages Backup

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Added July 17, 2012

1992 Movie Batmobile (4-Wide)

My 4-wide version of the Batmobile as seen in the 1992 Tim Burton Movie “Batman Returns” including some extra functions…

As I had to wait for some parts to arrive, I had some time for a little redesign of my new 4-wide Batmobile after posting my preview. I’ve changed the shape of the roof section and the rear bat wings to get closer to the original.

Left side view: I love these new black 45 deg wedges with the cutout…

Rear right view: Afterburner on!

Front view: That’s a big air intake for that turbine.

And now the quiz question for the Tim Burton Batman movie fans: What’s the main difference between the 1989 and the 1992 Batmobile?

Let’s go! …

… 1 …

… 2 …

… 3 …

… Tadaa! – The Batmissile!

Front view: Better get away!

Rear view: Just like the cops in the movie saw it ;-))


A little turn to the left …

… and a little turn to the right.

Nice side effect: The 4 wheel steering works really well …

… and the “parking mode”, too ;-))

The transformation of the axles: Batmobile mode …

… and Batmissile mode.

Detail view of the axles. The rigid tubes are like custom made 3mm bars :-))

And the “money shot”…

So this is my 4-wide LEGO Burton Batmobile including a 2-wide Batmissile. I hope you like it :-))

Update October 1, 2012:
New “bat wings” on the rear end of the Batmobile.

And there is the Batmissile.